Helping youth thrive
in all our communities
Camp is not an end point; it’s a place to return to and a catalyst for change.
We have continuously grown and innovated our programs throughout the past 42 years of welcoming children to camp. With the help of our incredible supporters, we have established seven inspiring camp facilities and now see over 19,000 young people through our doors each year.
Our mission has always been about much more than providing youth with a vacation. It’s about building lasting strengths and life skills through intentional experiences. We believe that investing in youth living in priority neighbourhoods is such a valuable way to support our communities.
With the completion of our newest camp Tim Horton Camp Whiteshell last year, we have taken the opportunity once again to look to the future of the Foundation and establish a new vision for the coming years.
This new strategic direction is about refining our program to have a meaningful impact on our campers to an even greater extent and committing to a sustained experience for all of them. Additionally, we will zero in on youth at a critical age in their development during the transition from childhood to adolescence. This is a time when influences can be negative and our ongoing, positive presence in their lives represents something for them to belong to.
It’s about taking everything we know about the power and potential of our unique camp experience to new levels to truly transform the lives of the youth we serve.
The year ahead will undoubtedly be an exciting one and we look forward to working together to help youth thrive in all our communities.
David Clanachan
Tim Horton Children’s Foundation
Dave Newnham
President & Executive Director
Tim Horton Children’s Foundation
Our Camps & Reach
We serve youth from low-income families living in Tim Hortons communities across North America. From coast to coast, each of our seven camps offer inspiring facilities and staff teams committed to positive youth development.
Tim Horton Children's Foundation camp map
Tim Horton Children's Foundation serving youths
Our Core Programs
Community Leaders Program
Throughout the fall, winter and spring, we welcome schools from low-income neighbourhoods for two distinct four day, three night trips to camp. Students leave their school community to participate in camp experiences designed to develop life and leadership skills which provide the building blocks for youth engagement.
Between camp visits, students challenge themselves with constructive actions and each group creates their own community service project. The school pictured here decided on a “Milk Bag Mission” and the class collected milk bags from businesses in the area to weave mats for their local mission. The program inspires students to instill positive cultural change in their schools and fosters a commitment to making their communities better places.
Quote from camper
Youth Leadership Program
During the summer months we serve youth, ages 12-16, who participate in five, 10 day sessions spread over five years. Each level features increasingly challenging activities, wilderness expeditions and workshops with specific constructive actions for youth to complete in between levels. The program builds skills and strengths that help youth thrive at school, succeed in their future workplaces and become positive, contributing members of their communities.
Quote from camper
2016 Camp Day Success
On Wednesday June 1st, Tim Hortons Restaurant Owners, team members and guests came together to raise a record-breaking $13.1 million for the Foundation. From coffee and bracelet sales to fundraisers like balloon pops and window washing, we are so thankful for the generosity and energy of our supporters.
This year marked the 25th anniversary of Camp Day and we highlighted the turnaround moment that many of our campers attribute to their life changing camp experience with us. Two camp alumni — Kyle and Aziza — shared their personal stories of growth and resiliency that they credit to the many values and lessons learned at camp.
Camp Day Donations
“Before I went to camp, I didn’t know what my future held and I didn’t know where I was going. Camp made me realize there were endless possibilities for me and that I could do, and would do, anything I set my mind to.” – Kyle
“My parents moved here because they wanted to give us a better life. Camp gave me that opportunity and that open door. I’m here now and I don’t think I would be here if it wasn’t for camp.” – Aziza
Tim Hortons Camp Day cups
The Change Makers
The following companies keep the [camp] fires burning and the inspiring experiences we provide would not be possible without their support. On behalf of the thousands of youth who have benefited from your outstanding contributions this year, thank you.
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